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The Pros & Cons Of Every Season For A Family Reunion!

Multi-generation family on beach

When you hold a family reunion, the celebrations are magical. Bringing all the extended family members to share, bond, and work towards a great future is so enthralling that you will always look forward to the next reunion. To plan a reunion, you need to identify the right theme, food, and decoration.

More importantly, an amazing reunion should be held in the right season. In this post, we explore the pros & cons of every season for a family reunion.

Winter pros

When you plan a reunion in winter, you are sure of enjoying Christmas that makes the event unforgettable. Many people spend the entire year waiting for Christmas to enjoy the décor, and will not miss the event. The winter is also enthralling because the attendants can enjoy the fireplace reciting great experiences or enjoying performances. You will enjoy cosying up as people come together because of the chilling condition. It will be a time to behold as you get the most memorable family reunion.  

Winter cons

While winter comes with great advantages, it also has a lot of disadvantages. First, winter is very cold and might lack the pomp that comes with summer celebrations. Second, there is not easy transport during summer. Many people might find it difficult to travel using their cars because of frozen roads and miss the event. Finally, the frozen environment leaves you with limited outdoors.     

Spring pros

One of the most enthralling times to hold a family reunion is springs. It has a nice weather that gives forth very nice blooms in every orchard. Because the temperatures have risen, the roads are passable and everybody can get easy transport. Whether you are using public transport or a personal car, you are sure of not getting stuck. As the season edges from winter, it is not yet high touring season, and most facilities are still affordable.

Spring cons

The main restriction for holding reunion in springs is that many people are back to work after the long holiday season. The timing restrictions due to work could make it difficult for many people to attend the reunion.

Summer Pros

Summer is the best season to hold an amazing family reunion. Because of the enthralling good weather, most US reunion happen in summer. A summer party guarantees visitors of many outdoor activities that make the event unforgettable. If you prefer water activities, you can hold the get-together near the ocean or organize for swimming activities.  

Summer cons

While this is the ideal time for a family reunion, it will be really hot for attendants. You need to plan for a lot of refreshments and cold drinks.

Fall pros

A family reunion in fall will be very enthralling because the weather could still be good to enjoy some outdoor events. Besides, you can plan a Halloween theme reunion that will make the event enthralling and unforgettable.

Fall cons

While the temperatures are not as high as summer, they may be colder than springs. You must, therefore, ensure to select the right party facility and provide warm drinks for all attendants. A fall family reunion coincides with busy schedules and great work load, so timing not good.

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