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The Best Family Reunion Games and Ideas


No matter, what is your reunion location, whether someone’s place, a tourist attraction, or a historical site, the goal of a family reunion is to engage adults and children in memorable activities. There are endless possibilities to make your family reunion an amazing experience for all attendees. Don’t have any fun or creative reunion idea? No worries. In this post, you will find few timeless reunion favorite tips. Have a look at some of the top games and activities for a family reunion event that everyone can enjoy.

Family talent show

Make your evenings more entertaining by organizing a family talent show activity. Ask each family member to go in front and perform a talent. Ideas to get started with are:

  • Dance performance

  • Sing a song

  • A skit in group

  • Juggle and more

A great platform for those who feel shy to perform on stage. Capture all these special moments with a video camera to watch later.

Play ball

Group ball games are one of the amazing family reunion activities as they allow all attendees to participate and enjoy together. The games you can add to your fun list: soccer, volleyball, baseball, bocce ball, softball, etc.

Campfire and story time

Campfire and storytelling is another fun activity. Ask different family members to prepare a story and share it with others at night. A great time to introduce young generation to your culture and past life. Build everyone’s interest in the activity by revealing some funny, sweet, and unusual things about your family and personality.


Play traditional games or bring your own list of to do things and make the best out of your activities. Play cards, chess, and other similar games.

Make your family gathering memorable with these reunion games and ideas. Not only these reunion ideas are fun for all age groups but they are the best method to elicit laughter and build lasting memories. For more ideas, browse Amazing Reunion. Find unlimited ideas to add fun and charm to your reunion event and turn your family gathering into an unforgettable one!

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