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Questions You should be asking before travelling for a family reunion

luggage and suitcases when leaving for family summer holidays

You have just received family reunion invitation and anticipate it will be a great event. Think of all the close relatives that you will meet, the enthralling experiences and delicacies. As you plan to attend the event and have some amazing time, you must ask the following questions before travelling.

Will I travel by car or plane?

When the day finally comes, will you be traveling by car or plane? If the family reunion venue is located close to your home, the chances are that you will travel by car. However, you should plan to travel by plane if you stay in a different country. Plan well for tickets early enough to get the best seat and travel in absolute comfort.

Question about accommodation?

The question about accommodation is very important if you will be taking several days away from home. Plan early enough before the amazing reunion to ensure you will enjoy the moment. For example, explore the neighboring resort hotels or beach lodges. If the reunion matches with your time for a holiday, consider joining the two for a greater thrill.

Question about the fees and charges for the event?

For reunions that are held in rented places, the attendants might be required to pay a small fee. Enquire how the payment will be done so that you can prepare appropriately. For example, will cash, credit cards, or online payments be acceptable?

Ask if the organizers need help?

Enquire whether the reunion organizers need some help so that you can plan for it. For example, if your uncle wants a hand setting up the tent and decorating the venue, you can travel a day or two ahead.

Ask how the weather will be on the family reunion day

When you know how the weather will be on the great day, it is easy to select the right clothing and prepare the car appropriately. For example, a family reunion in winter or a rainy day will be more enjoyable if you have warm and waterproof clothing. You can also get some pakg bags and ready to go shoes for easier movement.

Find out the nature of foods to be served on the big day

The food served on the big day will be crucial in making the event amazing. Ensure to find out about food beverages, and entire setting. Other important things to find out include about schedule, and other friends that might want to travel with you.

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