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Like #FamilyReunions? Here’s 7 Types To Choose From!

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Want to connect with family and friends you have not met for a long time? There is nothing as fulfilling as planning or attending a family reunion. You connect with friends, share ideas, and forge a common future in a way you could only have dreamt of before. If you want to hold a reunion, here are the 7 most enthralling types to choose from.

Family reunion

A family reunion is the commonest of all reunions. This celebration is planned for members of the extended family to meet after a long time of separation in time and space. Think of your aunts who live abroad, your nephew who got married last year and grandparents back in the countryside. You can plan to host the members in your home or hire a meeting facility.

Art class reunion

How many years since you graduated from the art class? Of all the members of that class, you have probably only met one or two! An art class reunion will bring unique thrill in a way that you never thought about. Note that they are not students anymore! Just like you are working, some are in the media, others in with big multinationals, while others are starting their companies. Well, try holding the event, and it will be bigger than you imagines.

Reunion with colleagues from past work

When you left your past work, all the colleagues felt a big part of them has been cut off. Whether you went to a different company or started your own business, everything has moved on, and everybody keeps asking; where did you go? Why did you go? It will be a great relief, special connecting moment, and moment to remember when you throw a reunion party for past colleagues.

Camping reunion

When you plan a reunion, one thing that will make it enjoyable is its uniqueness. You can achieve this by selecting a special place such as a camping site. Make sure to ask the invitees the nature of the camping ground that is more appareling to them. For example, should you get a camping facility next to a beach, a forest, or city?  

Army Friends’ reunion

If you are in the army, the lifestyle can often be solitary. Most of the time is spent either in the barracks, away in training, or fighting in remote areas such as Afghanistan. When you are available, planning an army friends’ reunion will help you reconnect and enjoy the love of close friends.  

Band reunion

These are reunions formed around specific bands that are enthralling to all members. Think of a band that will appeal to all invitees and hire it for entertainment. Note that such a reunion might require a bigger space for the performances.

College reunion

Your college buddies are always yearning to meet you. Even if you might be in touch with some, rarely have you come together in a group that you shared the same subjects, clubs, or other social events in college. Reach all of them and identify a great place to reconnect and enjoy each other. It will be truly awesome.   

Vacation on a different country (all family meets there)

Of all the types of reunion, the most enthralling is a vacation in a different country. The drift away from your local home and daily schedule will be very enthralling. Make sure to plan the reunion well so that everybody can enjoy new environment and live to remember. Think of working with a professional event organizer to make the event even more enthralling

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