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Creative Keepsakes of your family reunion

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What is the best way to make a family reunion more enthralling and successful? You must be extra creative. The event must have unique products that make everybody to get the unique sense of attachment and to remember the day many years into the future. Here are creative keepsakes of your family reunion that will make the moment unforgettable.

Record happenings – create a dvd to take home

Recording happenings and creating a dvd that every person can take home will make the family reunion unforgettable. Because the video captures the great moment, it will provoke the event and keep reminding attendants about the day for many years. You can even cut smaller clips and share them online so that even those who never made it to the event can also be part of it.

Give small gifts as memorabilia

Gifts, no matter how small, communicate great meanings to those who get them. In a family reunion, the gifts are even more valuable because they will underscore the bond between the attendants. These gifts could be things such as gift cards, pillow cases, calendars, watches, phones, and even trophies. Make sure to find out what members cherish more when picking the gifts.

Make tshirts for all attendants

When you plan a family reunion, consider making tshirts for all the attendants. They create a sense of unity and love that is unbreakable. When you allow the participants to take the tshirts with them, they will always remember the event and the extended family. To make it even more enthralling, you can give the reunion a name and inscribe it on the tshirt.  

Create a custom photo booth

As you invite people to the family reunion, they will be anxious to know what is in store for all guests. They will want to use the event to know more about their extended relatives and take images to share on Facebook or Instagram. Make sure to organize for a unique custom photo booth and ensure to have a professional photographer.

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